Limud Helsinki 2020 – Finland

LIMUD HELSINKI 2020 will take place on sunday 2.2.2020 at 9.30 – 19.00.

I will give there two presentations:

Creative thinking – the Jewish way

How did it happen that for hundreds of years we are leading as the most innovative and creative nation? The Israeli technological innovation and success did not grow in a vacuum. The lecture finds the source of creative thinking in the teaching of great Jewish thinkers, and points out ways to realize potential and implement creative thinking.

The art of elevation

What are the basic principles of education and parenting according to Judaism? How to cure and grow child and parent relationships at any age? How to help children win their internal battles, overcome internal crises, strengthen their confidence in themselves and discover hidden powers?

If you are in Finland for any reason, you are more than welcome. Buy Tickets.

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