About Dr. Yehiel Harari

Dr. Yehiel Harari is a sought-after speaker in Jewish psychology (Chasidism and Kabbalah), education, and creative thinking.

He wrote his doctoral dissertation in the Department of Communication at Tel Aviv University. He taught at Tel Aviv University and the School of Communication at Sapir College. He served as a journalist, parliamentary assistant, communications consultant, and senior professional consultant at the Ministry of Housing and Construction and the Ministry of trade and industry.

יחיאל הררי

His sixth book, The Secret of the Rebbe (the biography of the Lubavitcher Rebbe) became a bestseller and won the Golden Book Award (over 20,000 copies) about two months after its publication (Yedioth Seforim, May 2013).

His seventh book, Winning Every Moment: Soul conversations with Baal HaTanya (Yedioth Sefarim, November 2015 – translated to English), climbed to the top of the bestseller lists immediately upon its publication, summarizes over ten years of study, writing, and teaching in the field of Jewish psychology.

His eighth book, The Art of Elevation – A Guide to Parenting and Education According to the Wisdom of Judaism), which also managed to get on the bestseller lists, is both a practical and spiritual guide, offering a complete and cohesive method that includes educational principles relevant to all ages and applied in every situation. A system founded on the foundations of Jewish thought, and especially on the educational teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his father-in-law, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak, on the teachings of Baal HaTanya, the Rebbe of Piaseczna, the Baal Shem Tov and Maimonides.

His ninth book, Upside Down – Creative thinking, The Jewish way, deals with creative thinking and realizing potential according to Jewish thought. Recently, one of the major publishers in China has acquired the translation rights of Upside Down and The Art of Elevation to benefit the readers in China.

In recent years, Dr. Harari has lectured in dozens of cities in Israel and around the world, in front of a wide range of audiences and organizations, including Jewish communities abroad and local communities in Israel; Chabad houses communities; cultural consumers in local community centers.

Dr. Harari provides content services, advanced workshops, and lectures to a variety of producers and organizers, including Ministry of Education; Heart of the Event Tourism; Lecturers' House; Reut Cultural Productions; Identity (Stone Foundation); Begin Heritage Center; The Living Spirit – Tali Avrahami; Chabad on campus and a lot more.

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