Create ways to influence your message

A lot of people are confident that they have something to give, that they are talented and good – but they wait for the phone to ring. They wait for someone to invite them.

Otherwise they do not discover their powers.

It is said of Abraham – " he was sitting at the entrance of the tent as the day grew hot."

Why was he sitting in the doorway of the tent?

Because he sought passers-by, so that he might have someone to influence kindness.

And what was so important to him to influence to look for people?

Two movements are integrated in the worlf – influence and acceptance. The two movements are present in every person, but he who influencing is more dominant in him, he who wants to give, change, influence – and has no one to receive from him – "loses all his action."

And what does Abraham teach? Whoever he is influencer in nature, whoever his forces cry out to be revealed, cannot be passive. He cannot depend on the "recipients" who will come to him or wait for them to need him.

For if he feels that there is no one who receives from him, that there is no buyer for the message and qualities, he will lose his importance, even in his own eyes, and hence the short way to sadness and depression.

Therefore, he must get out of his place and look for one receivers. He must put aside matters of respect and ego, disappointments, laxity, and even personal interests that limit his influence – and look for "acceptors".

Only in this way will he prove to himself and to the world that his message and unique powers, those who are waiting to be revealed, are far more important than he himself.

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