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To realize our potential, to think creatively, to break boundaries, to overcome unwanted emotions and boost good feelings, to elevate children, to stimulate love, to know the soul in depth, and the main thing is to become people who learn and develop themselves. join us!

Dr. Yehiel Harari is a sought-after speaker in the area of Jewish psychology,education, and creative thinking. Harari is the author of nine books;

Emotions and Motivation – What Baal Hatanya wants from me

To learn how to fly according to Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi

Create ways to influence your message

A lot of people are confident that they have something to give, that they are talented and good - but they wait for the phone to ring. The wait for someone to invite them.

Can We Control Our Thoughts?

Can We Control Our Thoughts?

What is Ego?

The ego can be a destructive force. It can blind and differentiate man from his environment. What is that elusive ego, why overcoming it can save relationships, business, and life; How to identify the rising of the ego, and how to lower its threatening power.

Consciousness of Liberty | Passover

A person can be free in the physical dimensions and still feel enslaved—bondage to his career, housework, pleasing others. And perhaps man cannot at all attain full freedom. He can only choose to whom to be enslaved? What is a consciousness of freedom, and how can it change our lives.

The Opposite of Happiness is Heresy

Happiness is the result of the Jewish perspective on creation. "He who is grieved and laments demonstrates that he is undergoing some hardship and suffering, and lacks some goodness; he is like a heretic…"

The first rule for life – happiness

What is happiness, and why is it one of the most significant and vital challenges in any person's life, regardless of their innate personality structure

I am godly | Learning Tanya 8 | chapter 2

Man is whole and worthy by his very existence. Moreover, every person has a part of the Creator in him.

Earth and Air – Four Personality Types | Learning Tanya 7 | chapter 1

Are there people who were born with a tendency to sadness and laziness? And what about boasting and idle talks? Is it something we acquire or a part of our personality?

How did it happen that for hundreds of years Jews have been leading as the most innovative and creative nation? Column – YNET

If you were to choose a representative sample of a thousand citizens of the world, only two would be Jews. However, if you bring a thousand Nobel laureates into the hall, 227 of them will be Jews.

Four Personality Types | Learning Tanya 6 | chapter 1

Each personality is composed of different elements that determine the emotional tendencies of and the nature of the internal struggles it experiences.

One of the significant insights about the world is that nothing was created for naught

you indeed do not have a person who has no value, importance, and ability to influence.

If a persom is only concerned with eating, drinking, resting, or sleeping, what is the difference between him and an animal?

One needs to discover the "soul," the inner perspectives, the source, the value, the mission, the Creator power hidden in everything he does and everything with which he encounters.

Who am I and why this question is important | Learning Tanya 5 | Chapter 1

How should I evaluate myself? When I may suffer from sadness and depression due to incorrect self-esteem? Who are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde inside me?

Upside Down – Introduction: What is creative thinking and why should we adopt its principles

The introduction of the book - Upside Down, Creative thinking, The Jewish way

How I perceive myself | Learning Tanya 4 | Chapter 1

The way I perceive myself will affect my consciousness and my ability to act.

Gate one: Fulfilling intellectual potential

Two Hemispheres. Two Mind Movements

Live life to the fullest – Dr. Yehiel Harari

To realize our potential, think creatively, break boundaries, overcome unwanted emotions, boost good feelings, elevate children, stimulate love, and know the soul in-depth. The main thing is to become people who learn and develop themselves. Join us!

Judaism's great contribution to humanity is the belief in one person's ability to break boundaries in his life

Creative thinking is not just about solving a concrete problem. Its purpose is to enhance our vitality. the back of the book

Upside Down, Creative thinking, the Jewish Way – Opening thoughts: Unwasted potential

The opening of the book: Upside Down, Creative thinking, the Jewish Way:

The power of women in a relationship

One of the recurring questions is how can the relationship be improved if there is no partner? How do you deal with situations where there is apparently no full cooperation?

The uniqueness of The Tanya's method | Learning Tanya 3 | Compiler's Foreword

Deconstruct the thing into its components

Why I don't climb higher?| Learning Tanya 2 | Dr. Yehiel Harari | Compiler's Foreword

Can someone show me how high I can climb?

Why Change is So Hard | Learning Tanya 1 | Dr. Yehiel Harari | (Compiler's Foreword)

Why Baal HaTanya wrote is book? What was the problem that bothered him, and what are the blockages the prevent us from achieving change and growth?

Upside Down – Table of Content

Most of us do not really live. That is, we live, Study, work, have fun. But do not utilize it to the fullest. We do not discover our full potential.

Upside Down, Creative Thinking, The Jewish way – Back cover

Most of us do not really live. That is, we live, Study, work, have fun. But do not utilize it to the fullest. We do not discover our full potential.

The Hero of Our life

Who is the real hero of our life? Discovering the beinoni of Baal HaTanya.

To Arouse Love

What exactly is it love? How could we provoke it in our relationship and in lives? What constitutes undesirable love? Why is it so important to awake the love in our lives?

What is beauty, why are we attracted to beauty and when we are more beautiful?

Is there an objective measure of beauty? if so, what is it? To what extent can we influence the degree of our beauty in the eyes of others? Does our mental condition influence our external beauty? And why are we more attracted to beautiful people?

Not Only Love – The Importance of Reverence

The idea of reverence is to know how to go back, to free up space and let others grow and develop themselves

How to deal with Anxiety? The answer of the Tzemach Tzedek

In one letter the Tzemach Tzedek explains how to overcome fear and Anxiety

Overcome Sadness and undesirable thoughts

In Chapter 27 in the Tanya the Alter Rabbi deals with the sadness that steams without a reason. Where does it come from and how to deal with it?

Finding depth, meaning – Journey into the world of the father of Chabad | Book review | Winning Every Moment | By Cassandra Gomes Hochberg, Jerusalem Post

Above all, it is an inspirational guide that grants the wider audience the opportunity to participate in Rabbi Shneur Zalman's yechidut for soul-searching

How to Discover Your Mission in life

A talk on Dr. Harari's new book – Upside Down - Creative Thinking the Jewish way.

The Secret of the Rebbe – The biography of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

The Secret of the Rebbe seeks to decipher the secret of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's power and charisma. The book invites readers on a journey during which it will be revealed who the Rebbe is in his believers' eyes and who he really was.

THE ART OF ELEVATION- The Jewish Wisdom Guide to Parenting and Education

THE ART OF ELEVATION is both a spiritual guide and a practical one, offering a full, cohesive system that includes educational principles relevant to any age and applicable in any situation.

About Dr. Yehiel Harari

Dr. Yehiel Harari is a sought-after speaker in Jewish psychology, education, and creative thinking. Harari is the author of nine books

Birthday – private New Year's Day (Rosh Hashanah) for spiritual growth

What does a birthday mean? What options lie in this day? How should you celebrate your birthday to make the most out of it? What time means, and how does a birthday affect its utilization?

Winning Every Moment – Soul Conversations with the Baal HaTanya | Yehiel Harari

What is the secret of the Tanya? How has it become a cornerstone of every Jewish library? Is this method relevant to our modern life?

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