Judaism's great contribution to humanity is the belief in one person's ability to break boundaries in his life

Judaism's great contribution to humanity is the belief in one person's ability, any person, man or woman, to break boundaries and barriers in his life and make a significant change in the world. His private world and the general world.

According to this concept, each of us has unique skills and faculties. The role of our lives is to discover and realize our full potential.

How do we realize our potential and break boundaries?

According to Jewish thought, creative thinking is a key component in realizing our potential. For thousands of years, Jews were innovative in everything they did. Even today, Israel is considered a nation of innovation. One reason is that Jews adopted the Jewish principles of creative thinking. When the whole world went in one direction, they went in the opposite direction and applied thinking that turned upside down the world's basic assumptions.

Creative thinking is not just about solving a concrete problem. Its purpose is to enhance our vitality. Therefore, creative thinking is needed in business and science and in areas that are no less important in our lives. In relationships, in education, in adopting a healthy life, in parenthood, and social relations. When a person practices creative thinking, he will be able to do better in every situation. If he gets to the battlefield, or if he is invited to a business conference, or if he gets into a family crisis.

My new book, Upside Down deals with realizing the intellect's potential and the way to live life to its fullest. The book examines in detail what creative thinking is according to Chasidism and Kabbalah; why it is recommended to adopt and infuse creative thinking in all areas of our lives, and why we should encourage and develop such thinking, and, unfortunately, How we can too easily extinguish it.

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