THE ART OF ELEVATION- The Jewish Wisdom Guide to Parenting and Education

The Jewish Wisdom Guide to Parenting and Education

How much does our children's happiness depend on us?
This key question accompanies most of us. According to Jewish psychology, we, the parents, have a significant role in our children's emotional education. For that, we must adopt a "discourse of elevation" that will allow them to overcome crises, win internal struggles, strengthen their self-confidence, and discover hidden powers.

What is the "discourse of elevation," and what are its principles? How does its implementation help children overcome emotional blockages, anger, fears, sadness, lack of self-esteem, and emotional distance?

THE ART OF ELEVATION is both a spiritual guide and a practical one, presenting a full, cohesive method that includes educational principles relevant to all ages and applicable in any situation.

The book helps parents elevate their children's emotional reality so that they know how to eliminate unwanted emotions and evoke corrected and healthy ones.

This method is based on the foundations of Jewish thought. Especially on the Lubavitcher Rebbe's educational teachings and his father-in-law predecessor, on the teachings of Baal HaTanya, the Rebbe of Piacenza, the Baal Shem Tov, Maimonides, and many more.

The Art of Elevation is a must-read book for parents of children of all ages, educators, and anyone interested in developing awareness for inner-emotional work.


Liat Regev, IBA Radio: "His latest book is also his most important… THE ART OF ELEVATION, a wonderful new book by Dr. Yehiel Harari.

Avri Gilad, TV and Radio personality: "Many parenting books come out, and most are banal. But Yehiel Harari's book is intriguing…"

Miri Shneurson, TV presenter, lecturer, and life coach: "I gulped down every word in Yehiel Harari's splendid new book. I think this is an indispensable book for mothers, educators, and anyone interested in developing awareness for internal-emotional work.

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