Live life to the fullest – Dr. Yehiel Harari

To fulfill our potential, think creatively, break boundaries, overcome unwanted emotions, boost good feelings, elevate our children, stimulate love, and know the soul in-depth. The main thing is to become people who learn and develop themselves. Join us!

Hitbonenut dives into the depths of Jewish psychology, and derives insights, tips, practical techniques, and internal work paths that extend to all areas of our lives, including mental and physical health, relationships, parenting and education, adopting creative ways of thinking in life in general and at work in particular and more.

The purpose of Hitbonenut is to promote the knowledge that emerges from Chasidism and Kabbalah's literature to serve as an effective and relevant tool for growth and development in modern life. A tool designed to inspire us to live life to the fullest.

Dr. Yehiel Harari has authored 11 books that have sold tens of thousands of copies. In recent years, he has taught in dozens of cities in Israel and around the world, lectured to a wide range of audiences and organizations. Read more about Dr. Harari.


Yehiel gives a weekly lesson in English, on Sundays, Zoom, at 17:00 Israel time.

Sometimes the lesson deals with Tanya and sometimes focuses on Jewish psychology studies or the Jewish PARSHA.

You are welcome to join us.

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