Upside Down – Table of Content


Opening thoughts: Unwasted potential

Increasing creative powers | My role in the world | Renewal and selfness

Introduction: What is creative thinking and why adopt its principles

Judaism’s great contribution to humanity | What is creative thinking meant to achieve | Not what you thought | Initial definition of creative thinking | The unique contribution of mysticism | Why is the world upside down? | Adopting creative thought – the book’s structure

First gate: Fulfilling intellectual potential

A. The two hemispheres. Two movements of the brain

“Wonderment” and “Covering” | Breaking and re-establishing the boundaries | “Incisive and demanding” vs. “Balanced and deducing” | Two processes – one thought | The wise brain and the understanding brain | What is renewal in mind | Sourcing and its cessation | Heart rhythms

B. The inanimate, the vegetation, the living and the voice of the mind

Layers in mind activity | The great danger of adopting a healthy life | Managing diabetes | Inverted couples – four levels in a relationship | Simplified thinking in product development

C. Injecting life into the system

Inner vitality and comprehensive vitality | The mind’s power to change | Disseminating creativity from the head to the limbs – the example of Mobileye

Second gate: Inverse premises

A. The method of the wise man who has (almost) never been beaten

B. Discovering the internal aspect of the will

What is the crown on your head | External will and internal will | Becoming famous or being influential

C. Choosing a quality source of motivation

Are you fulfilling your potential | The “I” conceals | Revealing the powers and revealing the mission | When to withdraw

D. Learning from everyone

The girl who won | The value of the opposite opinion | Joining opposites

E. Zero sum game?  – Awareness of unlimited bounty

The future | Don’t agree to be poor | Being rich in thought | Believing in bounty

F. Dividing your life limits creativity and its implementation:

The premise in Yosef’s solution | Priorities | Defining myself based on what I can be

G. Creativity is revealed when work is limited

Have you looked to the heavens yet? | Darkness | Investing more than the required amount | Burdens of earning a living

H. The world is not a competitive jungle

You don’t need to be excellent; just better than the competition | Exhausting awareness and inspirational awareness

Third gate: Emotional movement

A. Withstanding the pressure and discovering selfhood

B. Greatness

Greatness whose cause is external | Greatness whose cause is internal | How does one distinguish between internal and external greatness? | Ascribing too much importance | Greatness and leadership | Ascribing value

C. Skipping steps

Standing, walking, skipping | Starting from the top | What are you laughing at? | From Netanya to the “Plaza” – a skipping movement | Expected of every person | The world as a wedding feast

D. Breaking boundaries

Anatomy of the soul | First blockag: unwanted emotions | The difference between wanted and unwanted emotions | Where do the unwanted emotions stem from | How to manage and overcome | Second obstacle: lack of choice and adopting incorrect opinions | Third obstacle: when the mind does not influence emotions | Fourth obstacle: Thoughts, words and actions which do not reveal the inner dimensions of the soul.

E. Confidence

Calm of the spirit | An acquired attribute | The alchemist |Levels of confidence

F. Three sorts of creative thought

Creativity as a discovery – prolonging light | Life in the forest | Moving ourselves – prolonging selfhood | Creating innovation – prolonging bounty

Fourth gate: Revealing my potential

Gaining practical meaning | Everyone needs an issue | Advice for increasing concentration ability in the age of screens | Developing an inner boundary | Discovering the power of pleasure in the soul and awakening willpower | How does one awaken the revelation of pleasure? | Pleasure and inner vitality | Taking a selfie? Posting a status? | Essential Politics | Persistence and adherence | The secret of small acts | Taking a pulse and vitality measure | Creating clarity – is it always right to continue despite difficulties | The noise test | Developing an influencer’s awareness |Influencing our environment

Final word: Living life to the fullest

When a change is perceived as insane | 1912 | “Influencing” and “accepting”


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